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Frida is 82 years old and worries about the broken world. She would love nothing more than to help turn things around or at least make them better. But how was that supposed to work? What was one single, old woman going to change?

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The new book by bestseller author Claus Mikosch

Fridays for Frida is a story about responsibility, joy and change; about the destruction of nature and the power of those who have the courage to see things for what they are. With each day, more people find that courage – first they worry, then they hope and finally they act. Frida is one of them.


Frida for FREE

FRIDAYS FOR FRIDA intends to strengthen the bridge between the young and the old generation – because nobody can solve the climate and environmental crisis alone. The book is available as a free* PDF, right below. No registration needed, no complications. Simply download, read and share it.

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* Why free? Because time is running out and there will be no vaccine against the climate and environmental crisis. As a writer, I would like to contribute to the international climate movement by offering FRIDAYS FOR FRIDA for free. The book is an invitation to participate and become part of the solution.

If you would like to support my work financially, you can do so by either buying one of my books or making a donation at @



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Life had demonstrated just how important it was not to lose hope. And without her being aware of it, it had shown her something else: any social change, every Utopia and every new movement requires two people – the one who starts, and the other who joins.


It's really wonderful and refreshing to read how 82-year-old Frida becomes a climate activist when her grandson Paul joins Fridays for Future. Highly recommended!

Cordula W. - founder 'Omas for Future'

Fridays for Frida clearly shows that the fight for climate justice must not be delayed and doesn't tolerate any more excuses.

Julius A. - Fridays for Future activist

Frida is truly a heartfelt heroine with whom you would love to chat and who you would like to become.

Soliana B.- teacher

My grandparents were sceptical at first when I gave them the book. But now they've changed to a green electricity supplier and have thanked me again.

Mareike R. - Fridays for Future activist


Frida’s TEAM


Claus Mikosch, author


Kate Chesterton, illustrator

Roxanne Sancto, translator

Jason Hook, proof reading

Charlotte Machin, proof reading

Rabea Fischer, text and design advice 

Leonard Hohm, audio book (German)

Claus Vester, cc-live (German)

Dietrich Voorgang, proof (German)

Swapna Panamthottathil, proof (German)

Daniel Mursa, development


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